Can An Illegal Immigrant Get Life Insurance In The U.S.?

The short answer is yes… illegal immigrants can get life insurance! There are certain requirements that you will need to have in order to qualify.

We are brokers that help Non U.S. citizens get life insurance in the U.S. with the best companies available. In addition, we have secured a carrier (top rated life insurance company) that requires only 3 things to illegal immigrants, and undocumented immigrants:

1. Reside In The U.S.

Just as long as you live in the United States you can meet this requirement. You don’t need to own a house, if you rent that is ok.

2. ITIN or Social Security Number

You will need to provide a ITIN (tax id number) or a Social Security Number.

3. Bank Account In The U.S.

In order to pay for the life insurance you will need a bank account in the United States. You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually for your life insurance.

For competitive reasons we cannot disclose who this carrier is. However, they are A+ rated and among the most competitive prices. Also they have term, universal and whole life insurance.

What is the process of getting life insurance for an illegal immigrant?

As we stated before, if you have an ITIN or Social Security and you live in the U.S. then you can apply.

  1. Get Quotes
  2. Chose Medical Or Non Medical Options
  3. Sign Paperwork
  4. Pay For The Life Insurance
  5. Get An Approval

That’s it!

The Same Type Of Life Insurance

It may seem hard to believe, but all the rules of normal life insurance apply.

  • You can name beneficiaries
  • Pays death benefit under any type of death
  • Death benefit is tax free
  • You can keep it if you move to any other country

We believe everyone should be able to protect their families, no matter where they are from!

Non Medical Option Available

There are medical and non-medical options available. What this means is that you can chose to take a medical test to get a good health rating, or you can take a standard rating and not take a medical.

Final Word

It is very simple to get an illegal immigrant life insurance in the U.S.

Just contact us and we will take care of it.

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  • Rocío says:

    If your company wants to reach out to this demographic, use the term undocumented. It’s progressive and welcoming.

    • Thanks Rocío! As am immigrant myself I understand what you mean. I agree with your input and using undocumented immigrant would be a better fit. However, there are still many people that search google with the term illegal, and we want to make sure we help everyone.

  • Stanislas Tebid says:

    You are right foreign national, I actually got here by googling the word “Illegal Immigrant”

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