If all you are looking for a life insurance for a South African citizen, then complete our contact form, and an agent will match you with the best company.

There are many variables with regards to life insurance for non U.S. citizens, like visa status, residency, age, health, and the purpose of the life insurance.

Define Why You Need The Life Insurance

The first step to get life insurance will be to define why you need it. A few viable reasons are for protecting the following:

While having a reason to have life insurance in the U.S. helps, it doesn’t guaranteed that you will be able to get it. Also your immigration status will define if you can get the coverage.

Life Insurance for South African Citizens living in the U.S. with a Visa

If you are looking coverage and you have lived in the U.S. longer than 2 years, the process will be very simple. There a few top rated life insurance companies that will not have restrictions for south africans living in the U.S.

If you have lived less than 2 years, your visa status and type will play a role on what companies will offer you coverage. Also, there will be restrictions on what time of coverage you can get.

Life Insurance for South African Citizens with a Green Card

Getting life insurance if you have a green card, it will be a very simple process. You will be treaded as a citizen of the U.S. for almost all life insurance companies. You will be able to get Term, Universal and Whole Life Insurances with no restrictions.

Life Insurance for South African Citizens living/residing outside of the U.S.

In this case it will be harder to get life insurance, and your options will be limited. However we have found 1 insurance company that will insure South African citizens living outside of the U.S. The underwriting process for the insurance will be tougher. You will need to have decent health, or the company will decline your application.

Process of Applying

The process of applying for the life insurance will be the same no matter where you reside. All applications will have to be signed in the U.S., and the medical exam required for the life insurance will have to be performed in the United States. You will need to provide with copies of your passport, visa, medical records in English, and a bank account in the U.S. where you will make the premium payments.

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