Trump and Immigration: The Impact

When a new president takes office in the United States, it goes without saying that many things are going to change. This has definitely been the case with Donald Trump. As he continues to get his feet wet, many changes have been pushed through the pipeline.

From day one, it has been clear that Donald Trump would take a hardline stance against illegal immigrants. His point of view is simple: there is a system for bringing immigrants into the United States and it must be followed in order to ensure the overall safety of the country as a whole.

Unfortunately, when these types of changes are made, it often leads to confusion for many groups of people.

For example, if you’ve been staying current with the news, you know that Trump is in the process of considering all options for deporting illegal immigrants. With this in mind, there is still some gray area as to how legal immigrants would be impacted by some of the plans he has moved to the forefront.

What to Expect

At this point, we know one thing to be true: Trump is navigating his way through a variety of issues on a daily basis. For this reason, there is no sure fire way of knowing for sure what will happen in the future.

Even so, things are beginning to become clear. For example, a recent Bloomberg article detailed the approach that the president may take in regards to immigrants.

Forget about his ban against travelers from Muslim countries for the time being. Instead, let’s focus on the legal approach that the president can take in regards to limiting immigration into the United States and deporting undocumented people who are already living in the country.

Important Changes

It’s important to remember one thing: the president has quite a bit of power when it comes to matters of immigration. Here’s a passage from the Bloomberg piece that will open your eyes:

“The Department of Homeland Security oversees almost two dozen agencies that determine who enters and leaves the U.S., including Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection and Citizenship and Immigration Services. The agency has an annual budget of $41 billion and more than 229,000 employees. Trump has broad discretion to use the money and employees as he sees fit without seeking approval from Congress.”

In other words, the president, no matter who it may be, has access to the resources he or she needs in order to take the desired action.

Trump, however, has been enamored with immigration matters for quite some time. At this point, he wants to take things to the next level by hiring an additional 10,000 agents. Along with this, he has plans to use both local and state law enforcement officers as immigration officials.

While the Obama administration focused primarily on deporting immigrants who committed serious crimes, Trump is taking this one step further. He is interested in cracking down on anyone who has illegally entered the United States.

Adding to this, the Bloomberg article makes another interesting point:

“The president can instruct State Department and ICE officials to tighten criteria for letting people into the U.S. and to increase searches at the border, where agents have much more freedom to rifle through people’s belongings than police inside the country. Trump has said the order will hasten adoption of “extreme vetting” procedures.”

So, What Is The Impact?

With all this in mind, Donald Trump’s presidency is still in its infancy. Nobody knows exactly what to expect in regards to future immigration orders. But it’s easy to see that the president and his team are making big changes.

The reality is that many of the legal immigrants that are in the U.S. are scared. We are talking about over 45 million people in the United States. We specialize in helping legal immigrants purchase life insurance in the U.S., and we can see people are concerned.

Do you think they have a reason to be scared?

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